Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Blue Bit!

LoL! I had a feeling Monty's blue bit would raise a few questions! In my shopping quest for riding gear for my boyz, I found a few web-based retailers that had cool stuff I hadn't seen before.

When I found Korsteel makes colored Flexi Mouth bits on and they are PEPPERMINT (Monty's favorite treat) flavored, I bought one immediately for him for Christmas! The bits come in 4 colors, ivory, light blue, pink and lavender. I have found through trial and error that Monty prefers the Happy Mouth type bits in the frigid weather. I would agree with him, I wouldn't want an icy piece of steel in my mouth, either.

Here's the link if you want to do a little Horse Froogle shopping!
Korsteel Flexi Flavored Dee Bit


Mikey said...

How bout that? I've never seen one before!

I just bid on a super cute snaffle on Ebay, with a concho in the middle. A little show snaffle. And I have to say, Ebay is the devil. I bid on 10 items last night and won 6 of them. Husband wondering "What is she DOING?" lol

I'll have to watch for one of these, I think it's a great idea!!

SolitaireMare said...

Mikey - Oh I know what you mean about Ebay. I LOOOOOVE Ebay. I have a thing for buying Sprenger bits there. I've gotten some beauties and the prices were awesome. My biggest problem is, I never sell as much as I buy there!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well, that's a bit of a different color.Peppermint flavor and all I'm sure he'll love it and being the first kid on the block with one should set him apart from the herd.What will they think of next.

WarPony said...

I was looking for a mullen mouth one of those for my mare but they don't come in a small enough size! Hehe!

Heather said...

new to your blog and love it!...I will be a new follower, as well as ordering one of these in pink for sure!!! I hope you have a Happy New Year!