Friday, January 30, 2009

Epona Oatmeal After Exercise Rinse

I'm going to look at some horses on Sunday. This is the woman who had the young horse for sale who I cancelled going to see due to bad weather. She still has him and another, older horse who is more schooled and who definitely has my attention. They are each nice, big, bay geldings - definitely what I'm looking for!

Here's another product review by me. Epona Oatmeal After Exercise Rinse I love this stuff. Since I first posted the review on the company has changed the name from Epona Oatmeal Body Wash to Epona's Aromas Oatmeal After Exercise Rinse. It's still the same product. In fact, I had just bought two big bottles of it since it was the only thing I could use to clean under Monty's tail around the tumors in the winter. It doesn't need to be rinsed out of the coat so in the cold weather it's great for one-step cleaning. I'll keep it for the next horse...

Purchase: I bought this at a local tack shop. Cost was around $10.00 for a 16 Oz bottle. (now it's more like $15-$20 but the bottle is larger)

Likes: Has a light, oatmeal cookie smell and does not dry the horses' skin or coat. It is a "no rinse" formula, so this works best as a quick wash down after a ride on a fairly clean horse. It will remove sweat and saddle marks and leave the horse smelling yummy!

Dislikes: It is not a strong cleaner, if your horse is really dirty, I suggest using some other product. I have a gray horse and I try eveything! Manure stain removal is my specialty! LOL!

Quality: This is a good quality product, as are all Epona's items. Made from natural ingredients for gentle yet effective care.

Summary: I have used and love Epona's Vanilla hand cream so when I saw this I wanted to try it. This Oatmeal Body Wash has become a staple item in my tack trunk. I recommend all the Epona products!

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