Sunday, January 4, 2009

Too Much Tack

Like the children's book series, "I Spy", you can look in my tack locker at the barn where I board and see how many hidden things you can find:

2 rolls of masking tape
A pair of white rubber bit guards
A baker plaid girth cover
My portable saddle rack

So, when I said I have way too much tack in my last "10 things about me" post, you can see I wasn't kidding! And this is only the stuff I can fit in my assigned locker at the barn! All boarders in my barn get a locker. The barn owner does not like tack trunks in the aisle, he feels they are a safety hazard, so this is what you have to work with. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. After 35+ years of owning/riding/showing/training horses I have my show trunk at home, a wall full of bits and bridles in the basement and 3 more trunks in the attic with blankets, coolers, wraps and God knows what else.

Some of my favorite horse stuff is my 5/A Baker saddle pad, my O'Halloran Co. black watch plaid saddle pad, Monty's Beval show bridle, the hand made beaded browband on my schooling bridle and that silly blue bit Monty just got from Santa. Ebay has only made it worse, I love hunting for bargains and I have found some sweet goodies on Ebay. I've sold stuff there too, but it never evens out. I always collect more than I sell.

And I know I'm not the only one. You know it too. So c'mon, lets share the details. How much stuff have you accumulated?


20 meter circle of life said...

Way tooo much. My storage space in the home garage is the now the tack room, plus a tack trunk and 4 yes 4 lockers as my barn. I will say for the first time ever my trailer is almost clean in the tack area. Oh yea I forgot about the 4-full of stuff!!

Melissa said...

HaHa!! Looks familiar!

allhorsestuff said...

Funny you shouold mention TACK and too much of it...I got in trouble today for taking to much space up in my friends locker!
I had to take some out...and put it in another freinds locker!
I am dispersed!
PS trouble is..I use it all!

WarPony said...

When I was married to my ex I actually sold almost all of my tack. I came to realize I would never ever have a horse, and keeping all that tack was just making me depressed. So I sold it all. Then he left and now I kick myself for not getting rid of HIM sooner and keeping the tack!! hehe

I'm well on my way to rebuilding a ridiculously huge collection. At least half of which is in the corner of the livingroom where I can look at it and smile.

OnTheBit said...

haha...I think we are all like that. I tend to collect blankets though. I think that has something to do with the fact that my horse destroys them so I have to buy new ones to use while the old ones are getting repaired. I have junk in my trailer, a massive tack trunk at the barn, a saddle rack and other tack in my tv room, and 4 huge plastic trunk container things and set of selves with my horse stuff. I still think you have more stuff then I least at the barn. I love the blinged out brow band!

jme said...

i've collected so much stuff over the years that we had to buy a farm to house it all! (i'm only half joking about that ;-)

the one thing i collect kind of obsessively is bits. i collect all types of bits, even those i have no intention of using, just so my collection is complete. some of my favorite unusual bits are my half-moon rugby pelham, sam marsh pelham, curb chain snaffle, a leather mouth snaffle (which someone 'borrowed' and i haven't seen again,) and a really well made german silver waterford baucher.