Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fashion Funnies

I love catalogs. Of course I love to get my Dover Saddlery, Bit of Britain, Beval and Valley Vet catalogs to name just a few. But I love clothing catalogs. Blame it on my Halloween costume designing work but if I get a catalog in the mail with some fresh, funky threads with unique or even racy design and color elements, I'm just tickled.

And the funny part is, for the most part I'm really a pretty conservative, Ralph Lauren kind of girl.

But sometimes the designers are too clever for their own good. Take this little number from the latest Boston Proper catalog:
Notice anything about this top that makes it goofy? How about the choice and arrangement of the colors - Candy Corn, anyone?

1 comment:

jme said...

that look would be awesome if her hair was in a platinum beehive ;-)