Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The New Farrier ROCKS!

Just to close the farrier story, I think the new shoer is wonderful! Monty just had his second shoeing with this farrier. I heard no complaints about my horse's behavior. It has been cold and we have not been doing much riding, so I was pleasently surprised to find that the man simply reset my horses' shoes since they hardly showed any signs of wear. Happy me, happy horse!

My Happy Horse!

Monty was the lucky winner of a huge gift basket of assorted horse treats! The West Hills Saddlery, a new tack shop that just opened in my area had a grand opening day. There were horse and carriage rides, raffles, lunch and just a fun time meeting other local horse lovers. I was the winner of a huge treat basket! Monty has always loved his goodies and now my usually happy beastie is VERY happy!

Many thanks to Diane and the West Hills Saddlery! We wish you all the best of luck with the new shop! If any of the readers of my blog are in the West Hills area of Long Island, look up the shop and stop by!