Thursday, September 16, 2010

What do I do?

I want that red horse. His asking price has come down since I tried him out. I have been tempted to make an offer and see if she accepts it. I did like what I felt when riding him. But I'm actually scared she will say, "yes".

Why? For one, he's in PA, not close by. It's not like I can try him once more before I commit to buy without a road trip and stay over. I don't know any vets in PA who could check him over for me and though I have a reliable friend who can put me in touch with someone who may be able to find one for me, I still may not get someone. He needs all his shots. He's only been wormed while being at this place. He has thrush in all four hooves. That's treatable and also not making him lame.

Does he load into a trailer? Good question. Does he stand for clippers? No clue. All I know is he stood on crossties, didn't freak out when my kids were petting him, walk/trot/cantered and swapped his leads with some coaxing and willingly jumped the crossrails without racing to them.

Do I close my eyes and just do this and let fate sort it out? I will admit I have a better feeling inside from the get-go about this guy than I did with Rugby. In one trial, I did more with this horse with no trouble than I did with Rugby in an entire year.

Yeah, I have bills from my last nightmare. But bills I would still have if Rugby had survived. My trainer will probably want to kill me but we've known each other long enough that he'll get over it. ;P

And I do like and appreciate this kind old horse I'm half boarding but this hole in my heart can only be filled with my own horse to love and become a partner with.

I may do something crazy... will let you know.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Disturbing Equines

Who collected model horses as a kid? Who still collects them but only talks about it among others with the same obsession? My model horses were my #1 playthings as a kid. I still have a vast reservoir of Breyer beauties that occasionally descend from my attic to be given to my kids or to be sold on Ebay for needed cash.

So I enjoy checking out the Breyer blogs. I have always held the best custom-makers in highest regard because even though I am an artist, what they can do with a model horse leaves me simply intimidated.

That being said, this little blog is encouraging for those of us who are not going to be messing with their factory issue model horses anytime soon. If these critters were good enough to leave the factory this way, then anything I could do to a Breyer horse would pale by comparison!

Enjoy! This site always makes me smile! Disturbing Equines

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recent Rides

I've been riding as often as I can this past month. Below are pictures of the horse I've been half-boarding at the stable where my riding coach teaches from. The girl who owns this horse is great and we have a good rapport in texting our riding schedule out each week, LOL. The big bay is the horse I nicknamed "Ruby". He's about 19 years old and is a "been there, jumped that" old show horse. He's a great horse to ride and a real gentleman.

And this is a horse I tried out while vacationing in Lancaster, PA with my family. I really liked this big (17 hands!)fellow and he needs a home. I would love to make an offer for him but it's not that simple. He was a sweet guy, under different circumstances I know I'd probably be calling him mine. Anyone in PA looking for a nice big horse that just needs care and a job? I'll give you the details.