Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Made it through Irene

It was nerve wracking to go through that storm. I didn't sleep at all that entire night. I have several very big old trees around my home and nervous didn't even begin to describe how I was feeling. Once I started hearing about the tornado watches and warnings I was a mess.

But the good news is we never lost power, all the big trees stayed firmly in their places and my family and Joey were safe and secure. Irene did a lot of damage in the surrounding area and I hope those people get some level of normal back very soon.

I went to the barn last night to see how Joey was and he was fine and comfy. I took him for a ride and we enjoyed the cool and refreshing air that has come into our area after the storm. Even not being ridden for 3-4 days he was still Joey, no surprises. I keep smiling each time he just does everything right. He's got all the right stuff to be a Good Horse!

Speaking of which, the Chronicle of the Horse shared this on their FaceBook page and I thought this was so great that I wanted to share here with everyone. Now THIS is a Good Horse!

Friday, August 26, 2011


I am not handling this whole hurricane Irene situation so well. I'm probably not well prepared. I'm looking cross-eyed at 3 big trees around my house and hoping they stay where they are and don't decide to give up the ghost and crush my home.

I'm worried about Joey. They want to move him from the big old barn he's in to the smaller shed row barn behind it because they are worried about the roof on the big barn. I have 2 options available, to move him to the smaller barn or have him sent to a barn further east with a newer building and he'll ride out the storm there. I don't know what anyone else is doing at the barn. I'm going to opt for the shed row because my budget can't handle shipping him and paying to hold him at another facility but I'm still uneasy. UPDATE: Barn manager says horses are all staying put.

Dear God, please protect Joey. We have only just found each other. Give us the chance to have a long, healthy lifetime together.

Please protect all my friends in the horse blogosphere that will be touched by Irene in the coming hours. May everyone be safe!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Again!

So glad to be home. Had a whirlwind weekend with my family in Lancaster, PA. I love it down in Amish country. The children had fun as always and though yesterday's weather was a beast, today was a beautiful day. Would have been a lovely day for riding! ;)

Hope Joey was a good boy and he and the girl Stacie that my trainer suggested I have ride him for me while I was away had fun together. I can't wait to go to the barn and see him tomorrow! I went to a tack shop in PA and bought goodies for him!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

All is Good and Well

Have been swamped at work and my new schedule of traveling to the stable to work with Joey. But all is Good and Well so far. Joey is sweet and kind. He's been the same horse every time I have worked with him. No surprises and so steady. I'm working on his balance and strengthening at the walk and trot in order to improve his canter depart, which can get rushed until you get him to soften his head and relax into a long frame, then he's quiet and comfortable.

But I have time, lots of it and prefer to work on my basics at the walk and trot to improve those gaits first. And there's lots to work with from cavaletti, to pattern work (figure 8's and serpentines and cloverleaf) so he doesn't get bored.

And my knee is doing surprisingly well, too. It's a bit stiff, I can't flex it enough to kneel but I can jog up a flight of stairs! Probably will never be the same with or without surgery but I have time to decide when that will be.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet "Joey"

This is Journey's End, or Joey as is his pet name. Joey is the name of the horse in the book and play "War Horse". I feel like I've been on a similar journey that the boy in the story was on to find his beloved horse. I've been through an emotional and physical battle of sorts and I finally found my horse.

He's a gelding just shy of 16.2 hands tall. He's somewhere around 6-7 years old. He's an interesting looking bay paint, and part of the fun of looking at him is trying to figure out what breeds he's made from. There's some Quarter Horse in there, maybe some Thoroughbred or Warmblood or even some kind of Draft. I don't really care, as I am fond of grade horses. Many of them have the best personalities.

What matters most is so far he's consistent. Every ride so far has been comparable to those before it. He's kind and patient, even though he is still green. If he gets confused or you lose focus when you ride he just slows down and tries to come back to the walk. He always seems to give me a chance to regroup and then ask again and then he moves on without hesitation. He will lower his head as you halter or bridle him and has lovely ground manners. Whoever started this horse did right by him.

And riding is getting better with him. I'm still encumbered with the knee brace and will be as long as I put off surgery but there is no pain, even when taking a 2-point position in the saddle at the canter. So I'll ride with the stiffness and adapt. The best thing is the tension is gone and that's good since I didn't want him to think my nerves had anything to do with his behavior.

So, though his name is Journey's End, I know it's also a beginning. And this time it feels like it is the right path.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wishes and Horses

Horse passed the vetting yesterday. He passed for the general exam, hoof testing and all flexion tests. He passed on the X-ray pulled of a bump on one ankle. He passed his metabolic blood test and I am waiting for the pre-purchase drug test result (taken as a precaution, my trainer and the vet feels there should be nothing of concern there). Price of horse is firm, I either accept or I don't.

Last night to clear my head, I took the whole family out for ice cream. We've been having some thundery, stormy weather from the heat yesterday and there were big grey clouds in the skies above the ice cream shop. And there, clear as could be, in front of the clouds above the store was a rainbow! I pointed it out and my kids immediately got to wishing.

Me too. Rainbows can only be good omens, I'm taking it as a bit of a push from the divine to just do this.