Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy 75th birthday to George Morris

He was the "word" when I was growing up as a hunt seat equitation rider. His emphasis on horsemanship is to be commended and his record does speak for itself. Not always the most congenial in conveyance of his message but still a worthy master of his craft to learn from. Ride on, Mr. Morris.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Are Registration Papers Important When He's a Gelding?

Maybe, maybe not, right? I can't breed him. I am sure enough he doesn't come from any famous bloodline that I'd wager on it. He will never be sold so I don't need the papers to make him look fancy.

Yet I have been emailing the American Warmblood Society and trying to get his AWS papers since I first posted about my figuring out his early origins here: OMG I Found Him!

I know many of you thought it best I don't stir the pot so to speak but I want his papers. It's like I want his identity to belong to him again and be safe with me. As of today I am the closest I have ever been to getting them. It may take another month or two after I submit paperwork to them and my finger's crossed but it's happening! And I have to add, the AWS Team has been really great in trying to do this for me considering the missing pieces of Joey's past.

I love this horse so much. He's had two months of just chillin' (literally) in this cold snowy winter yet on the days when it's been thawed out and nice enough for me to ride, all he needs is a 10 minute twirl on the lunge line to assess his mood (which is usually quiet or needing one lap around with a snort and his tail up) and we're good to go for an obedient light walk/trot ride.

And he gives horsey kisses now, too. If I blow gently in his nostril, he wiggles his lips and then proceeds to horsey smooch my face until I laugh. No teeth, all gentle. He'll even do it if I make kissy noises at the opening in his stall where the feed is poured into his bucket, he'll walk over and smooch my cheek through the opening.

Still a match made in heaven.