Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something's Got to Give

"Horses are different from humans. We have to take responsibility for horses simply because they’re always in our care. They can’t get along without us. They’re forced to live in our world. That’s why the rules have changed: an adult horse in our world is still our responsibility. This doubles the burden for us humans. A human must be responsible for himself and for his horse. And when you succeed in both of those areas, life will be pleasant for you as well as for everyone around you." - Buck Brannaman

Mantra for the day. Actually the past few weeks. Rugby is not doing well again. Were it not for the magic of banamine which he's now needing on an almost daily basis we'd be in deeper trouble. Once he gets the shot, within 20 minutes he's up, alert and looking for food and water. This can last for 24 hours and then he gets uncomfortable again. He's having no problem passing manure or gas so though the symptoms say "colic" it's not exactly the case. Something is bothering his insides and the "phantom colic" episodes are starting to increase. Today an ultrasound specialist is coming to work on him with my vet and see if we can get a non-invasive idea of what in hell is causing him such discomfort.

This was taken last night as I watched Rugby while waiting for the vet to come and give him some relief. He may look cute but don't let that fool you. Prior to this shot he was flat on his side and kicking at his belly.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holding my Breath

Rugby's situation keeps improving but I'm not relaxed about it yet. When I went to see him after work yesterday I was thrilled to find him back in his home stall and out of the medical barn. The I.V. port was out of his neck and he was as alert, standing up and bright as he was the day before. I took him out to graze for 5 minutes and he was devouring the grass with a good appetite. He's been eating bran mashes every day and I don't know that he's being offered much hay. My poor Big Guy looks so skinny to me. You can tell he's lost weight. Now instead of looking like a draft cross, he looks like a Godzilla sized racehorse.

One thing the vet tried different was to give him the Panacur 5-day Power Pack wormer. All our horses in the vet's boarding barn are on strict rotation worming schedules. Rugby was just paste wormed a month ago. The vet felt that maybe since Rugby'd been sick, and his immune system had taken a pounding, if there was a parasite migration going on it might be what is causing him additional stress at this time. So far it seems to be helping but I still feel on high alert.

Monday, May 10, 2010

24 hours later

Rugby got through the night okay and his condition stayed the same from when I last checked on him yesterday. Vet is happy he's comfortable but everyone is baffled by what keeps making him so uncomfortable. He's staying in the medical barn and they are monitoring him and everything this horse ingests. We should have the results of his blood and stool samples by the end of today. When he's showing symptoms, it will make you think of colic but he's still passing manure and wanting to eat. The vet felt no impaction and there's no reflux into his stomach. I'm going to visit him after work and the vet said I can take him out to hand walk and graze him a little.

My poor horse. I think he's tired of being sick, too. He got shoes on Saturday and was a doll for the farrier. I was looking forward to a return to light work under saddle and now this. Many thanks for your "get-better" thoughts. Keep them coming, this Big Guy needs to get past this.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, please say a prayer for Rugby

Not a good Mother's Day. My kids have been laying on the love but my horse, Rugby is very sick again. He's in the medical barn now and the vet is watching him very carefully. He's not colicing in the usual sense of the condition but he's uncomfortable and it seems to be a continuing effect from the sickness that hit him for the last month. More bloodwork being done. I just want him to get well.