Friday, June 11, 2010


I apologize for the lack of further updates. It has not been very good. Rugby is still alive but he is not well. The ultrasound showed no physical deformities or tumors. The ultrasound specialist is also an equine internist and she and my vet discussed his case and have called other vets about it. Nobody seems to have a definitive answer.

Bloodwork is still not normal. Horse still has rounds of colic symptoms. But one shot of Banamine and he's comfortable again. He eats, he drinks and he passes manure and urine yet he's lost a lot of weight and strength. His coat is shiny, his hooves are growing well yet something has made him very sick. Now he's got swelling along his jaw and behind his throatlatch. It looks as if he has swelling around his cheeks, too. None of the tests, blood, urine or feces have given us an "aha" moment to pinpoint what is going on. I've even gone so far as to let the vet run a tox screen to see if something has been poisoning him.

I have tried all the vets suggested within my means. I have exceeded the purchase price of the horse in vet bills. I cannot afford to go much further with this and it is killing me. I gave up on hope weeks ago and now just wait to see what happens.

I don't know if he'll ever return to full health and I may have a very hard decision to make. So if I do not post it is because if this. If it comes to him either fully recovering from this or being put down I will post but I can't write about this roller coaster I'm on with him, it's too frustrating.

Hug your horse today. If he/she is sound, shiny and healthy, go for a long ride and truly enjoy it. I would give anything to truly enjoy riding mine again.