Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pictures from the show

Pictures from this past weekend's show are up on this website! If you would like to see them, they are at this site: Digital Hoofprints

Go to "galleries" you may have to register an email with them to view on the site. Once you are there, look for the 2012 gallery, the Smithtown Hunt Horse Show June 10th. We are in the Opportunity Pleasure division.

Joey is the horse with the blaze and hind stockings. Pictures are pricey. I will order at least one but not sure which to choose. If you have one you like, let me know in the comments and maybe I'll buy the one with the most requests.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Joey's first Horse Show - everything I hoped for!

We did it! Today was the show, our first Horse Show and we ROCKED! So tired but just had to share. I entered him in the English Pleasure Hunter Division and we won two 2nds, a 1st and Reserve Champion. Joey never put a hoof wrong and was a joy to ride. Just so happy! <3

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Show Ring Ready: How To Befriend the Show Office Staff

Show Ring Ready: How To Befriend the Show Office Staff

This past weekend I helped out at the show secretary's desk for one of our local Hunter/Jumper shows. I happened to come across this article and thought it would be worth sharing after my experience. In all, the exhibitors were all great to deal with. However, there were a few folks who didn't have their numbers in order and I feel their trainers could have done a better job making sure that their clients were well prepared for what could happen.

If you are a coach, and you are not a newbie at taking clients to horse shows, there is really no excuse for not being sure that they are ready at every level, from sign-in to ingate.