Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boarding Barns - what are your deal breakers?

Need some feedback. What are the things and amenities you feel you MUST have in a barn where you will be boarding your horse? What can you live without? Right now I have everything I could want but the future seems unclear where I am and I have to see what's out there that I can afford.


Is an indoor arena a must? ( I can function okay without one if I have to)
Must you have a large or grass turn out? ( I can function without this, too. Smallish dirt turnout is ok)
Group or individual turn out? ( I much prefer individual)
Can you ride whenever you want - within reason? ( I have been lucky with this so far)
How far are you willing to travel? ( Would prefer to keep it within a half hour drive - in other words, no further than I am now)

I could list more but I want your thoughts and opinions, please!