Monday, April 15, 2013

Horse Personalities

Doing a quick catch up today on some of my favorite blogs and loved this post by my friend at A Horse and a Half. It's a quiz about horse personalities. I laughed at the results for the two horses in her life and decided to take the quiz myself for Joey.

Darned if the quiz didn't get it 100% right! Joey is a "Steady Eddie" - If you are a novice or amateur, this is the horse for you. They are quiet and predictable, loving and engaging, willing to learn new things, willing to hang out with you and do nothing. This is not your big ego, career-oriented horse. They are happy to just be. Consistent and loyal, all you need to do is enjoy.

That is just SOOO him! Granted, he's a young steady eddie and still open to some foolishness now and then but it's never anything that can't be gently managed. As he ages, he will be the horse in the description 100%.

Try the quiz for yourself if you haven't already done so over at A Horse and a Half and share your horses results in the comments. How accurate is it for your equine friend?