Wednesday, May 30, 2012

RWR (Real Women Ride) No Knot Hair Net from EriQuestrian, LLC - REVIEW

With my upcoming adventures in horse showing, I am beginning to get my stuff together and see what still fits and what I need to update. One of the things I will need to do is something with my hair to get it neatly under this new helmet.

 In the past, I always had to fight with pins, clips and hair nets to gather my hairstyles up under my helmet. I do not "rock" the long straight hair look well and have usually had hair cuts that involved layers, which look great outside a helmet but are the devil to contain under one.

 I remember with much negativity the pins poking into my scalp under the helmet, which suddenly became much tighter with the hair stuffed up under it. I loathe hair nets and the discomfort of the knot if not positioned "just so". However, they are a necessary evil unless you want those wispy pieces of hair to keep popping out and make you look like a barely contained madwoman in show clothes.

 For years I just had my hair cut very short but with age and extra weight, the short cut looks less stylish and more severe on me. So here I am with a shoulder length layered cut and dreading pins, clips and hair nets again.

 And then I came across this nifty item, which has taken hair nets and "helmet hair" out of the dark ages! I enthusiastically introduce the RWR No Knot Hair Net!

 I HAD to have this! I ordered one right after watching the video. My hair is a lot of gray with some of my original brown in the back so I took a guess and ordered the blonde.

 When the package arrived, I couldn't wait to try it out. I copied exactly what the woman in the video did and it absolutely worked! Perfectly! The very first time! My helmet still fit and my hair looked neat and show ready without a lot of fussing for the first time in my life! When I rode with it, my hair stayed put. No sneaky wisps of hair peeking out after working with the horse and my hair looked as good after the ride as when I started.

 I love this hair net so much I now use it every time I ride because it's just so much more comfortable to ride without my hair all over the place and the bonus is when you slip it off after the ride, your hair is not as crazy-messy as it is without the hair net. Also, these are very durable hair nets, they are worth every penny of the price. I have been using it for a few months now and after a few rides, I wash it in the barn bathroom sink with hand soap and air dry it. It just keeps on doing its' job!

I give this product a 5-star thumbs up! Where was this all my horse show life? And now that I think of it, I'm off to order another one! Love!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Joey is now a USEF number

I took the plunge and registered Joey with the USEF/USHJA today. Big plans in the works. Luck be willing, we will be competing in a registered horse show in less than 2 weeks. Exciting and scary at the same time! His name is now officially, "Journey's End" but he'll always be Joey!