Monday, June 12, 2017

Joey the Jumper

Long time since I have posted about us but thinking of trying to return to it.

Update on Joey, my Good Horse is that he is doing well and is still a much loved member of my family. We still don't get out much for time and financial reasons but below is video of us competing at a horse show in November of 2016 in a Baby Jumper division. Fences are set at 2' - 2'3".

This was entered at the last possible minute! I sent in my entries a day before the show because I almost didn't go. Originally I planned to catch a trailer ride with the gal who owns the farm since she had a student going to the show. There was a tiny hunter division that I could do without any help and while the farm owner was working with her client I figured I'd have some fun playing in the hunter classes.

Then her student had a change of plans and wasn't going to go. The farm owner said the offer to trailer was still open if I really wanted to go. I knew if I didn't go, I was losing another year without doing anything fun with Joey so I said yes!

However, the hunter class I wanted to ride in didn't fill with entries so it wasn't going to run. The only other division I could ride in was the Baby Jumpers. I said what the hell, I'll do that and ride it like an equitation class. My horse really isn't a jumper, he's never in a hurry to go anywhere, lol!

So here's our jumper round. I have only ridden in a jumper class once in my entire life and that was years ago as a warm-up round before a hunt-seat equitation class. You'll see I rode this course like an equitation/hunter ride. I asked the farm owner if she minded calling out my fences since I haven't ridden a course of fences in competition in at least 15 years!! I didn't want to get lost and go off-course. My memory isn't what it once was! She helped me out and we had fun!

And we did pretty well, all things considered. Here's the results of this division:

Reserve Champion! It was a good day. It was so fun and I needed to get out and play with my horse. He's become a wonderful partner.