Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pretty in the Picture

I love "bling". Tasteful bling, like a the delicate design and ruby jewels on my english spurs and stirrups. Like the pretty, pretty beaded browbands seen in Dressage and on some of the flashy Jumper riders. I only wish there were more ways to subtly bring it into the Hunters. Just a touch here or there, not immediately noticeable but to set you apart in a small way. (I have ideas to do this, but no idea where to start.)

I received the new Smartpak Equine catalog the other day. I love horse equipment catalogs, especially finding what's new. I came across the bit pictured above. Wow, I thought, this JP Korsteel Shimmer Engraved Bit was such a pretty thing. I decided to treat myself and add it to my usual order of Smartpak supplements (which by the way, really are worth the convenience)!

When I received it though, I was disappointed in that it somehow seems prettier in the photo. Also, the way the engraving is done does not properly center the design on the sides of the eggbutt. So when it is on the bridle and in the horses' mouth, the design will be turned in such a way that it is always partially hidden from view. I took a second look at the position of the bit in the catalog photo to best show the full design and noticed the photography compensated for this problem, so I am guessing this is how all the bits are made, not just the one I received.

How disappointing. If it had been a gift from someone else, I might have kept it and used it anyway, but as an item to buy for myself, I'm returning it. It will bother me that the design is not nicely visible. Nice item, nice idea, hopefully they fix this problem.

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