Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stolen Saddles!

In less than a week, two stables in my area have been broken into and saddles were stolen! One place lost 25-30 western saddles and the place that was hit today had dressage/english saddles stolen. No news yet on the details from that most recent one.

This is pretty bad. I don't remember hearing of tack thefts of this size around here for many, many years. Local folks are convinced it has to be the same people doing this. They are checking in with the auctions held in our state and neighboring states to alert them if someone comes in with a large lot of saddles to unload. People are also trawling Craigslist to see if things are posted on there.

Just today on Facebook, the Chronicle of the Horse posted about thefts of 150-200 bales of hay. You can read it here: Hay stolen from Kennebec farm

And apparently these kind of hay thefts are not unheard of, too.

Wow, desperate times? Has anyone else been hearing of things like this? Keep an extra watch on your possessions, folks. Be safe.


Kelly said...

Glad the tack room where we board has a lock - last person to leave locks up. I know our area had some issues a few years ago (Indiana), but have not heard of anything lately. Tack is way too valuable to have it 'walk' away!

SolitaireMare said...

The unsettling thing is, both places were said to have the tack rooms locked. I guess the thieves broke the lock and took all they could!

Jean said...

Scary stuff. Hope they find the tack quickly. Wonder where the crooks would try to sell it.

They need to contact auctions all around the country.

Madeline C. said...

This is crazy. A friend was telling me about a guy who stored 500 bales of hay in a barn that was padlocked shut with a chain-locked gate in front. Went back the next day and everything was gone. We just put up a lock to our tackroom but it really only makes us feel better - if someone really wants to get in? They will :(

Christine said...

Not good! But it's great to read that people are working to keep people informed about these saddles being possibly passed on for sale!

Locks are indeed a great idea, but not infallible... perhaps someone knew where to access the keys?

Cousin B said...

Madeline C, you are so right. I hate that this happened. Feel like we can't trust anyone anymore.