Monday, May 12, 2008

Good Luck Charms

I was recently cleaning out my show tack trunk, looking for items to take to a local swap meet when I came across the big duffel bag with all my "show spares" in it. That would be my pristine polo wraps, nearly new black gloves, bag of a zillion hairpins and hairnets, extra riding crops, the "blingy" spurs, hand towels in my stable colors, the leather and sheepskin tendon boots and several other items that don't see daylight except for competition.

As I went through the contents of the bag I came across a small black pouch with a few treasured items inside. My Horse Show Good Luck Charms. These are: A tiny troll doll with day-glow orange hair, 2 seashells picked up at the finals held at Old Field Farm (which is a famous Long Island horse show grounds next to the beach) and a tie-tack pin shaped like an angel with my ruby birthstone in it. Ah, the memories! The pin was attached discreetly under the lapel of my hunt coat and the troll and shells rode with me in my coat pockets. Somehow, the winning ride seemed more attainable when the precious items were with me on the round.

So, anyone else superstitious? What's your good luck charm?


Grey Horse Matters said...

Superstitious as I am I always wore the same earrings and collar pin.

Anonymous said...

ah, old field farm! such great memories!

when i was a kid i used to have a tiny pewter unicorn figurine that i always kept in my show coat pocket for luck. i'd swear it worked!

i still have it somewhere... i should dig that out and start carrying it again... :-)