Sunday, September 11, 2011

Product Review: Absorbine UltraShield EX Continuous Spray

I was the lucky winner of fellow horse blogger "On The Bit's" Absorbine UltraShield EX Continuous Spray giveaway contest.

You can read about the contest and look for my submission here: Absorbine Giveaway! New UltraShield EX Continuous Spray

and this post announces me as the winner: And the winner is…

I was happy to have won, first because it's always fun to win a prize and second because now that I have a horse again, I needed to replenish all my daily care supplies!

Absorbine's fly sprays have always been good stuff. They work well and the stronger formulas are perfect for this time of the year when the flies are particularly nasty. My horse Joey is pretty tolerant of flies but for the past week they have been really annoying. This fly spray gave him relief the entire time I was riding.

The continuous spray applicator can is great! I've used this kind of sprayer before to apply sunscreen and it's so easy to work with. It's very quiet and though my horse is very calm about such things, I'd bet it would be worth trying it on a horse who is less tolerant of spray bottles. It's also nice that this bottle does not leak, even if it falls over. Sometimes the traditional sprayers will make an awful mess if you have the bad luck to have one fall over in your tack trunk. (yes, been there, cleaned that up :P)

I was fortunate to get my bottle as a prize but I researched prices for both this spray applicator and the traditional spray bottles. The only consideration is that you only get about half the product for roughly the same cost as the traditional spray bottle. With that in mind, I would recommend it for your horse show kit as it is easy and neat to pack up and you won't be using it every day and to try using it on a horse who is not happy with traditional spray bottles to see if the horse will tolerate it better and perhaps learn from this applicator to accept the usual spray bottles.

Thanks again to On The Bit for the contest and to Absorbine for continuing to give us horsemen innovative and useful products to choose from.

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OnTheBit said...

So glad you liked it! And that you have a horse to use it on :)