Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ed Wrigley Memorial Hunter Pace - I'm There!

Cool! Got my time for the upcoming Ed Wrigley Memorial Hunter Pace on Sept. 28th. My first hunter pace of the season! So excited!!

I posted earlier this year about the passing of one of our local horseman, Edward Wrigley who gave so much to our enjoyment of the sport. The Muttontown Horseman's Association has put this hunter pace together and I hope it turns out to be a great event!

And, don't think I'm writing off my dressage delusions just yet. The first dressage show I may attend will be October 19th. Had another lesson with Miss D last night. Not as progressive as we have been but due to me losing time from being sick and Monty getting to hang out, it took us longer to get "connected" this time than before. However, we did have a good breakthrough in that his canter to the right was balanced and soft, whereas that's his usual side to get stiff and fall through the shoulder. Miss D was most pleased that we got that out of the lesson. We both agreed that sometimes when you find a movement that needs work, you work it, correct it and then have to almost "catch up" a bit with the things you didn't work as intensely during that time.


Anonymous said...

I am very jealous! I have always wanted to hunter pace but have never gotten around to better have some excellent stories to share from it to make me feel like I am there too! :P

SolitaireMare said...

LOL, okay, I will tease you some more! If you ever get the chance to ride on a hunter pace you must go, even if you just walk and trot the entire ride!

If you go back through my post archives from last year in November, I posted about the Meadowbrook Hounds Pony Club Hunter Pace that we rode in. You can get some of the flavor there!


jme said...

i'm jealous too! i've paced at muttontown in the past and loved it (that was the place where my friend cantered a turn too close to a tree and her entire stirrup - leather and all - got whipped off the saddle and flew like 20 feet away off into the woods, just missing my head, and then i almost fell off i was laughing so hard! shortly after that, some lady rode up behind us and tried to use the back of my big warmblood to stop her little runaway TB and he just bounced off of us and fell over. good times! sigh. i miss hunter-pacing :-) have fun and jump some good fences for me!

Mrs. Mom said...

Oh Wow! I have heard about Hunter Pace's but know nothing about them! Cant wait to hear the details and see how you giuys do!!!

Beckz said...

Imagine my delight to find another horse blog, lol I have wasted plenty of the afternoon reading it. Glad to find you :)

SolitaireMare said...

jme - when did you pace at Muttontown? Was it with the hunt? Your ride sounds like it was wild but fun!! I know what you mean about riders using the horse in front of them as "bumper brakes". I had someone use Monty's big butt for that purpose once. He was so cool about it. That's one of the reasons I want to foxhunt him, I know he would pick it up really quickly.

mrs mom - LoL, looks like I'm going to be busy chronicling both my hunter pacing and dressage delusions!

Hi, beckz! - welcome to my blog! I have stopped by your "I Will Jump Sweet Jumps" blog many times! The only drawback to the internet is that I couldn't serve you a cuppa coffee or tea to enjoy while you got to know me by reading my musings!

jme said...

i grew up on the island, so i've been to a bunch of those paces in the past, but i've been away for a few years now. i wasn't a member of the hunt, but we'd pace for a change of scenery and to keep the horses interested. it was always hilarious. i can't think of a time going out when something ridiculous didn't happen! but that's part of the fun, right? it was really funny when that horse ran into us because we were stopped on a trail and i just felt this bump from behind, and my horse and i both just kind of turned our heads like 'what was that?' and the other horse was on the ground! my poor horse didn't even know what hit him! he was so good :-)